Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 1-1-11!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2011 is finding you well. As you know 2010 was an eventful year, but then again, aren't they all? :) We managed to trek our way from south Texas to south New York, survive weeks in a motel, find a rental house (which seem to be in VERY short supply here) & get a Christmas tree up just in time for Christmas Eve. Christmas was small and simple but centered on family and the all important gift of Jesus' birth. A few days ago we finally got our TV, internet & phone all hooked up. About 1/2 of all the boxes are unpacked and we're starting to get settled in. I'm thankful that my children are able to deal well with change. They've dealt with all of the ups and downs of this move really well.

New Year's is typically a time for making resolutions. I can't remember ever really following through on any resolution I've ever made, so I quit making them a few years back. I have ideas about what I'd like to accomplish in the year ahead and may set some goals for those that are really worth pursuing. Last year I had a goal of reaching 100 blog posts. I fell a bit short (although I might have made it if I hadn't taken a, so I'm going to set that goal again this year. To reach 100 post in a year, I only have to blog an average of twice a week. That seems doable. And I certainly have a lot of catching up from last year that should definitely help the count!

I want to say thank you to everyone who has stopped by my blog in the last two years! I really appreciate and enjoy knowing that you find (at least part of) my blog interesting. Please feel free to leave comments & suggestions because they totally make my day! I want this blog to be interesting to YOU, not just me. :)


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