Thursday, January 13, 2011

Football & Cheerleading 2010 Part 4 - Hurricane Game

Have you ever watched a sporting event that took place in horrible weather conditions? Ever had to play in one?
Bug had to play during a hurricane! Technically, it wasn't really a hurricane. It was just the bands of the hurricane as it unwrapped itself down in Mexico. Still, there was torential downpour for days on end, yet they did not cancel Pop Warner football. We were even late because we had to navigate flooded roads. Luckily, they didn't make the cheerleaders stand in 6 inches of water and cheer so Lil' C was spared. The rest of us found a good parking spot & kept our bee-hinds warm and dry in the car! :)
However, this is what the boys endured:
Apparently there were ants and/or other bugs floating in the water & biting the boys as they drifted by.

 Every time they ran on the field, the water just shot in the air. Tackles were like water cannons. It was rather entertaining.

 My tough guy after the game. :) He totally enjoyed it!
Umm, yeah...I made him strip down completely in the back end of the van & change before I let him in the car. We had to wring out his clothes! What? I wasn't the only one!
The best part? The next time we played at those fields I noticed a sign (that had been there the whole time) that read
 "Do not use fields when wet"

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