Sunday, June 29, 2014

Meet the Grogman Family!

Meet the Grogman Family!

My name is Janet Grogman (Beasley).  I have never written a blog before, so I hope you find this adventure with me delightful and encouraging.   

My family and I currently live in Woodbridge, VA.  It is just 20 miles outside of Washington, DC.  Which I must say, the scenery is very beautiful out here and I am currently enjoying the east coast in this season of my life.

I am military wife to a wonderful husband, Daniel.  I love being a military spouse.  We have been married for 15 years this August and have 2 beautiful girls.  Alecia who is 14 years already ready to drive and take the world on with every step she takes.  Madison, she is 12 but will be 13 in August.  She is very informative and outgoing, always has to be doing something :).  I learn something new each and every day from raising these 2 teenagers.

I am prior military myself, and while in the military is where I met my amazing Husband (a story for another time it could take years to tell, lol).  But in the military is where I found my things I enjoy most: traveling, seeing new things, and meeting new people.  I am proud to be a military wife to be able to still do the things that I love.  The down side of being in the military though is that we are not close to family.  So seeing our nieces and nephews in person is sometimes challenging.  I still have a niece out there that one day I have yet to meet but rest assured, I will make it out to Montana to see your sweetness!  But thank goodness for our life saver Skype and Facetime that keeps our families able to see each other and see each other more often.

As a family we enjoy traveling and have always try and see new places each year.  Our family keeps that part easy for us since they are living all over.  Last year we went to Florida to spend Christmas with my brother.  This summer we are going to be able to spend a week in California.  One day I hope to go and visit my brother in Alaska.  Not sure I would stay a long period because I do like warmth.  And last time I looked on a map there was not a beach near by LOL.  

Thank you for taking time to read this, and I look forward to sharing our adventures together.

Sissy "SIL" Beaz

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Favorite Breakfast

Today I wanted to share with you my new favorite breakfast,
Greek yogurt with berries!
Please pardon the poor quality of my pics, they straight off my phone without editing! :O

So exciting, right? Okay, maybe not so much, but it is delicious & I find myself fixing it nearly every morning these days. I've been following a new eating & exercise plan called the 21 Day Fix. I seriously love it because it has totally changed the way I think about food.
Technically, you're supposed to be able to close the lid, but these are frozen. If they were fresh or defrosted the lid would close! ;)

The program comes with these adorable little containers that you originally think "That's it?", but end up saying, "Wow, that's a lot more than I thought!" LOL 
See? Way more than you thought, right?
I like mostly raspberries with 3 strawberries for sweetness. Then I sprinkle about 1/4tsp. coconut sugar on top & pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Haven't tried coconut sugar yet? You should! It looks and tastes almost like brown sugar & it doesn't affect your blood sugar levels the way that regular sugar does. That's important for diabetics like me.

While the berries are heating up, I fill up my little red protein cup with plain, non-fat greek yogurt. I don't want any artificial coloring or flavorings, chemicals, or any added sodium or sugars added to my food, so I always choose the plain, non-fat. I buy the big tub of it at Wal-Mart for around $4.

When the berries are finished, stir them up a bit as the juices will have come out & break up the strawberries into bite size pieces. Mix in all the yogurt until it's completely blended. It will be a little soupy, but that just means you could drink it if you needed to take it to go. Feel free to top it with a few of your berries to make it look prettier! Throw it in the fridge to let the flavors marry while you go workout, then treat your sweaty self to a delicious breakfast that will help your muscles repair after your workout & fuel your body for the rest of the day! ENJOY!
Jenny aka

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Meet Jenny!

Hey everybody! I'm Jenny & I started this blog several years ago as a place to share pictures and stories of the kids with the grandparents. You may already know all about me, but here's the rundown: I'm a Christian, a wife, & a homeschooling mom of 4. The hubs & I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary!

My kids are J (14), G (12), K (8), and E (6). Each child was born in a different state due to the ARMY and my husband's job. They drive me insane on a daily basis, but I love them to death! LOL Right now we are homeschooling, but this always seems to be in flux. Whatever works for us at different seasons is what we do. We should probably stick to one thing, but ADD seems to run in the family. :)

This is our cute & crazy family at our favorite place on earth! Since we currently reside in Florida, we have season passes to Walt Disney World and visit as often as we can. Doing things together is our favorite family hobby.
I never seem to stick to just one hobby, so I'm usually all over the place. However, I do enjoy cooking & baking, sewing, crafts, reading and playing on the computer. I do not enjoy housework of any type. LOL
Jenny   aka

The All-New-and-Totally-Improved Beaz Hive Blog!

Hey everybody, welcome to The Beaz Hive! This used to be my little corner to blog about my family and whatever else, but I admit that it has been sadly neglected in the past few years. If you've been one of my loyal readers (thank you to all 7 of you!), then you'll know that I struggled greatly with the identity of the blog. What should it really be about? What should I write about? How do I get more readers? Perhaps you can relate. I was really at a loss & pretty much just gave up.

A few months ago, I had an idea to revive this blog & give it new purpose. It took me a while to figure it all out and then convince the others to join me. Others, you say? What others? Yes, others! LOL It occurred to me that I didn't have to go it alone, and I just happened to have 4 other women who could bring their voices to the Beaz Hive. You may have already guessed that the Beaz Hive is so named because our last name is Beasley. :) These other 4 women are Beasley's too, either by birth or by marriage. We are all wives, mothers and either are or were in the ARMY or married to a soldier.

The way I see it, we all have something to contribute that might be of encouragement or help to someone else. We share some commonalities but are all very different women, from very different backgrounds. There is no set schedule or focus to what we will be posting, but rather a focus on sharing stories, recipes, praises, prayers, and words of encouragement. Hopefully you will get to know us & our families better. At the very least, this blog will serve as a record of the Beasley family.

We sincerely hope that you will be blessed, encouraged or entertained by our blog & enjoy stopping by often. Stay tuned as each one of us introduce ourselves & our families!

Jenny (Queenbeaz)


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