Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Parade 2009

Saturday night Bug & Lil' Coconut were in the lighted Christmas parade our town has. Either this is the first year they've had it, or I've just never heard of it. At any rate, both kids were thrilled. Bug got to be on his football team's float. This would, of course, be because they were undefeated 11-0. It was a trailer with hay bales that all the boys sat on, with some Christmas lights, otherwise not too decorated. It was mostly about the boys anyway. Lil' C was on our homeschool group's float. It was divided into 2 parts. The first part (where Coconut was) was mom and dad reading stories to the children by the fireplace. She had to wear her pajamas, which as you can see by the photo, didn't make her terribly happy. She was cute, though. The second half was the nativity scene, complete with a real baby playing the part of baby Jesus. He had on the cutest outfit with a bear face flap in the rear. Tee hee. Probably not what Jesus was wearing! The rest of us found a vacant curb to sit and watch the parade. It was only about 50 degrees outside, so it made for a pleasant time. Except the curb was wet, so we all got a little damp. That's okay, everybody had a great time!

Christmas Parade 2009 Pix

Homeschool Christmas Party 2009

On Friday, we had our homeschool group Christmas party. The kids had fun making all kinds of crafts from hand painted sun catcher ornaments to chocolate covered cherry mice. (YUM!) Pinky Lee had fun making stuff, but Boo Boo Bear was only interested in playing with the glitter glue and eating cookies, so he played outside most of the time. Doesn't he look so cute trying to ride that bike? The adults brought cookies and had a cookie exchange. Then Bug and Lil' C played with the Uke-A-Doodlers again. Do you see all the chocolate on Lil' C's face? I told her twice to go wash her face, but apparently that chocolate was just stubborn! Oh well. It was fun and we all had a good time.

Homeschool Christmas Party 2009 Pictures

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Uke-A-Doodlers Christmas Performances

Bug and Lil' C take ukulele lessons with other children in our homeschool group. For Christmas, they performed many Christmas favorites at our court house, Wal-Mart, and the homeschool Christmas party. They were very cute!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


A wonderful, crazy thing happened here yesterday. SNOW!!! Can you believe it? Snow in south Texas? It hasn't snowed here in about 5 years, I guess. We didn't live here then, but it snowed for 2 days and stayed on the ground. They wrote 2 books about it! This time, it did snow quite a bit, but it melted as soon as it hit the ground. It was very hard to get a picture of, but DH did manage to get this one:The kids absolutely loved it! Boo and Pinky Lee have obviously never seen snow. Bug and Lil' Coconut were really young last time they saw it, so I don't know if they really remembered it. So yesterday, they were all hanging out the door trying to feel it. It was cute.
This morning, it was about 29 degrees outside & there was a covering of frost on everything. Poor DH had to use a spatula to scrape the car windows this morning! It's kind of hard to see, but I took the picture anyway. This is our ever so lovely backyard:

Thanksgiving 2009 Pix

I've tried posting the Thanksgiving slideshow several times but there seems to be something wrong with it, so I will just post a few here:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Here are some pix of the kids playing with their cousins at Grandma S. and Grandpa T.'s house. Bug, Lil' C and Pinky Lee spend several days with them, and then DH and I drove up and picked them up on Thanksgiving Day. It was a short trip for us, but nice, and the kids had a great time. I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa were glad for the silence when we left though! LOL

Superbowl 2009

These are pics from Bug's last football game. I'm calling it the "SuperBowl", but really it was just an extra game...just because. One last chance to show off how good they were. Then we went to Dairy Queen for lunch and a celebratory ice cream. Remember when I said Bug deserved the Most Improved Player award? He got one for Most Improved Defensive Player! Yea! Go Bug!

Superbowl 2009 Pix

Halloween 2009

Yes, I realize this is a month late. Yes, I realize that some people's heads have been cut off in the slideshow. However, it is now on the blog for all to view, so I'm only sort of sorry for all the problems. At least it's up!
Bug was Optimus Prime, Lil' C and Pinky Lee were "spotty dogs", and Boo Boo was Winnie the Pooh disguised as a Hunny Pot. Bug chose his costume, Boo had to endure his for the 2nd year just like all the other kiddos since Bug have had to do (mostly cuz it's too darn cute!), and the girls really didn't get a choice about their costumes. I saw a pic on Better Homes & Gardens, I think, and decided they needed to be "spotty dogs", so I whipped up some homemade costumes. The ears turned out to be too small, so they ended up looking more like spotty kittens. Pinks lost the elastic in her top & it kept falling down. Good times. LOL
We spent most of the evening at a local church that puts on an evening of food, fun, and games. Then we tried in vain to do some actual trick or treating, but nobody seemed to be home...anywhere. It was really very weird. Oh, well. We all had a great time and my kids looked super cute. As always.

Halloween 2009 Pix


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