Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Enchilada Incident & Hangin' at the House

So, here are the final photos from North Carolina. About time already...I know. Let me explain the first set of photos. I'm calling this the "Enchilada Incident", because those watching it totally blew it out of proportion and began snapping photos like crazy. For the two people involved (House Hunter and myself), it was nothing more than a civilized conversation in the different methods of preparing enchiladas. She is a vegetarian, so I planned on making my (very famous) cheese enchiladas. She knows how to make chicken enchiladas.(?) So we were making both to please all the vegetarians and non-vegetarians in the house. The pictures you see are of us trying to assemble the enchiladas. We were merely trying to learn each others methods. For some reason, our husbands and Auntie C., thought we were arguing so they started documenting it. It was really quite entertaining. BTW, both sets of enchiladas were delicious.

The second set of photos are just generic photos of us hanging out at the house. You'll notice in the picture of everyone sitting on the deck, that all the adults have wine glasses! Ha! Are you amazed with our children's flexibility & acrobatic skills? LOL How about that very large & disgusting blister on Chatterbox's shoulder? That was the result of us letting the kids do what promised to be a fun (and expensive!) activity to the Sound, that ended up being a waste of time, money, and bordering on child neglect. Good times. It eventually popped on its own and began to heal. Hmm, well I think that's it!

*If anyone who was on the trip would like me to share anything else, please let me know, and I'd be happy to!

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