Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Christmas Present to You

I'm ready to rip my hair out over this stupid present that I thought would be so cool to give as gifts. I found this great program on our computer in November (we've owned this computer since about March I think) called Windows Movie Maker. "So Cool!" I say to myself. Here I am thinking what a great idea it will be to make a slideshow of all the great pictures we've taken this past year but haven't sent out. It says I can burn it to a CD for easy replay. "Fabulous Idea!" I'm thinking. HA HA HA! Making the movie was easy enough. We've been trying for the last 3-4 weeks to get it to burn to CD & then play somewhere else. No go. We moved on the uploading to the web & going e-mail. So far, that's a no go too. Now we are trying to upload it here. Only, I had to deconstruct the stupid thing into 2 parts to make the video hosting site happy (and keep it free). This is the test. Let's hope it works. Otherwise, you're all out of luck. Sorry! It really was going to be a nice Christmas gift. Now only those of you priveleged enough to have computers, internet, and access to our wonderful blog will get to see it. If this works please enjoy it. If it doesn't work, please tell me my hair looks nice even if there's none left. Thank you!

The Beasleys now present their 2008 Year in Review Part 1:

P.S. If you want to see this again(and you know you do), you should download & save it to your computer because the video hosting site will only have it for 1 month I believe.

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