Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pinky Lee turns 3!

So Pinks turned 3 on Sunday! I know, I'm late getting this out, but I've had technical problems. That seems to be a theme lately. Anyway, she could have cared less that it was her birthday. People kept telling her "Happy Birthday" and she would smile, but that was about it. Oh, well! Those oh-so-yummy creations that she's eyeing hungrily are a new creation I like to call "Orange Brownie Cuppie-cakes". With pink sprinkles on top for my Pinky Lee! They were SOO good. And apparently she really liked them too, because she's been stealing the extras ever since. We called Daddy & put him on speaker phone to sing Happy Birthday with us. Lil' Coconut even played her a little song on her piano. How cute. So it was a nice little celebration. Thank you to everyone who sent something or called for her birthday...she loves that!

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