Monday, December 29, 2008

If you know me...

...and you probably do if you're reading this, you know that coming back and finding new posts on a regular basis is like having snow in south Texas. It happens, just not very often. LOL
Okay, okay! So this is my new project for 2009. Last year's website didn't turn out so well, but I'm determined to give this the old college try. Like other friends who've turned to blogging, I'm constantly being bombarded with the "I don't have any NEW pictures of the kids!" types of conversations. Yes, I DO take lots of pictures. No, I DON'T send them very often because it takes FOREVER to load onto e-mail. Perhaps this will be faster. Also, I've just recently become intrigued by blogging. Check out my blog list (as soon as I post it) to see who I like to read about. Now, enough about me. On to the real reason why you're here! Our cuties!

This is Bug. The firstborn, and it shows. He's kind, caring, and a GREAT big brother. He's a 3rd grader now (boy, do we feel old! LOL) who loves math and science. Say what? LOL He loved playing football last season & can't wait to play again this year. He's also considering baseball in the spring.

This is our Lil' Coconut! She's loud, too smart for her own good, and a sweetheart. She's a 1st grader who totally loves school, and playing with her friends. She was in cheerleading & we figure by the time she reaches high school, she should be a shoe-in for head cheerleader. Lil' C is also considering baseball in the spring. She's left handed, but bats right handed on the Wii. Look out!

This is Pinky Lee, Pinks, or Mary Moo Cow. I'll probably refer to her as any one of these, so try to keep up. We call her all these things depending on everyone's mood and the situation. She's the only one with strawberry blonde hair, and the only one with blue eyes. She's 2 and out to prove it! Sweet one minute & running through the house screaming at the top of her lungs the next. There's also this terrible habit of pulling her little brother by his feet across the room. Still, she's a cutie patootie & we love her to death.

Meet our newest addition: Boo Boo Bear! Boo Boo is about to be 1 year old!!! OMGoodness, time just flies. He's a sweet, sweet boy with a wonderful personality. And yes, he's already had that beautiful hair cut. It's just like everyone elses & grows like a weed. He's a blessing every day.

So I'm starting the year off right, and you know what they say about whatever you do on New Year's Day....blah blah blah. Let's hope for the best. And if I fall off the wagon, just post a comment about getting back on.

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