Friday, March 13, 2009

"You've just won the Super Bowl..."

"...Now what are you going to do??" the sideline reporter would ask. "I'm going to Disneyland!" some big, sweaty football player would yell back. Does anyone remember those commercials? Where have all the good commercials gone? Well, we didn't win the Super Bowl, but because we got to take our kiddos to Disneyland, I feel like we did.

Saturday morning (the one following the trip to Hollywood...I can't remember what day it was!) we drove to LAX and picked up Auntie C. who flew down from Oakland to go to Disneyland with us. The kids were super excited to see her! Did you know that Disneyland isn't just Disneyland anymore? Apparently they needed to expand like their friends in Florida and added a 2nd park called California Adventures and a Downtown Disney. We skipped Downtown Disney, although there was a Rainforest Cafe there (I could almost hear that chocolatey raspberry cake thingy calling my name), but we couldn't skip California Adventures because 1/2 the stuff we wanted to see was there. If you've been to a theme park recently, you know how ridiculously expensive it is to get in. Now imagine paying for 2 theme parks. Thank you Auntie C. for helping out. It was totally worth it though, because Pinky Lee got to see all her Playhouse Disney friends from TV and absolutely loved it!

First we went to the store (???) so I could get the kids Mickey ears. Who knew they had so darn many choices these days. Although I don't seem to have a picture of him, Boo Boo Bear was the only one who ended up with the regular old-fashioned Mickey ears. He's not so big on hats. Then the High School Musical 3 performance started right outside the store, which is what Lil' C really wanted to see. She loved it. Auntie C let her use her camera & we have about 50 shots of the show. I've narrowed it down for your viewing pleasure. Daddy and the big kids rode Soarin' over California which they thought was cool. It's one of those "virtual" rides that make me very sick. Playhouse Disney was next. Oh, Pinks had SO much fun! She was dancing & jumping & singing! The 15 minutes we spent in there was worth the entire enormous price tag. The kids got to meet, get autographs from & have their pictures taken with Minnie Mouse, Stitch, Frozone & Mrs. Incredible. We also lost, then found Daddy & Boo Boo, and rode the Monster's Inc. ride. (Daddy claims to be right where I told him to be...)

Do you see the picture of the Hollywood Tower of Terror? Do you know what happens on that ride? It's sort of like a big elevator with seats & no front doors so you can look out. Then they take you up & let you free fall over and over again while sometimes opening doors in the exterior of the building to let you see how frighteningly high you are above the park before plunging you back down into total darkness at breakneck speed. It's so totally cool!!! It's on my list of Top 5 Rides Ever! The best part??? Bug & Lil' Coconut rode this crazy ride & liked it!! Hello, they ARE my kids! Crazy little thrill seekers.

We had already spent a good portion of the day at California Adventures & seen and done all the necessary things, so it was time to move over to Disneyland proper. Stay tuned for the magic. I promise to get to it sooner than I did this post.

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