Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bug & Lil' C get haircuts

We've been trying to grow Lil' Coconut's hair out so we don't have to go through the drama of trying to put an ear length bob into a bun for cheerleading competition this year. The problem is, as it gets longer, these curls on the underside of her hair keep popping up. (Poor girl got my hair, too!) I wasn't really sure what to do with it, so I took her to the salon with me. She was very good & sat very still while they cut and blow dried her hair. It looks very nice, so I hope it works.

Bug also needed a haircut. I wanted to try something a little different. So cool! He loves it, his friends love it. Pretty much everybody we've seen thinks it looks cool. So I guess we did good with haircuts this time!

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