Monday, March 23, 2009


I don't know how I could have possibly forgotten about the terrifying experience that was Autopia, but I did. Lil' Miss Coconut & Bug got to the driving in the little gas cars on rails. Seems harmless, I know. What a sad, sad misconception! I don't really know how I even managed to take pictures to tell you the truth. Bug drove Daddy & Lil' C drove me, though neither one could reach the gas pedal. We were in front with the boys behind us, but we kept stalling out & they kept running into us (which was totally not allowed!...Hello??), nearly causing whiplash. And you would think that those little rails would keep us somewhat on track. HA, ha ha! Ha ha! I was nearly thrown from the car on more than one occasion! The children however, enjoyed it immensely. It was an utterly terrifying glimpse and preview of what to expect in a mere eight years. Good Lord, help us all!

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