Monday, February 8, 2010

Christmas Day/4 Wheelin'

I'd like to set the record straigt here. I am not afraid of 4 wheelers or riding on them. I AM afraid of my very-small-compared-to-the-4-wheeler children riding on them. Of course, that was the activity of choice for Christmas day. Nearly everyone went. My lack of wanting to go was taken as a fear. It was merely sensibility. The temperature was hovering somewhere below freezing, there was a light snowfall, and inside was a nice warm fire and an afghan to finish crocheting. What would your choice have been? Anyway, every one had a good time even though in between rides they had to sit in the heated car to keep from freezing to death. Isn't Pinky Lee adorable with that huge helmet? Oh, too cute! And though there are no pictures to prove it, I did ride with DH on a warmer day.

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