Thursday, February 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

Yes, it's February. Yes, these are our Christmas pictures. Honestly, do you really expect something different? Didn't think so. These are all pictures from Christmas Eve. We had our big fancy Christmas dinner at the daycare house because there was more room for all the tables we needed. It was very yummy. I think we managed to take one whole picture. Apparently we were too mesmerized by the food to be bothered with cameras. Then we went to church where Papa played the drums and Drummer Boy played the guitar. We sang my most favoritest Christmas song "O, Holy Night". Several church members shared how they found Jesus in the darkest times of their lives. I was moved to tears on several occasions.
After church we went back to Granny & Papa's house where we found that Santa had come early! The kids had a great time opening their gifts and the adults had a great time watching. G.I. Joe invited one of his buddies, Little Rock from Detroit (seriously dude, you should have just let me nickname you what I wanted so that DH didn't come up with this one!) to come spend Christmas with us and got him the ultimate gift of a gift card inside ninety boxes. Ok, so it wasn't really 90, but I'm sure it felt like it. My children especially, were fascinated by the unwrapping process. Then Papa read a great story about a little boy who learns about Saint Nicholas and how we can be more giving like he was. Oh, and I remembered to take lots of pictures.

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