Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You know you love your husband when...

You post Raiders stuff on YOUR blog, and YOU are a COWBOYS fan! It's a fabulously interesting story too. Are you ready? On our ridiculously long drive to Montana, we just so happened to drive through Denver on the day that the Raiders were playing there. As we drove by it was my duty to snap pictures of the rival stadium. We couldn't stop and actually go to the game, but we were lucky enough to listen to it on satellite radio. The Raiders won! Woohoo!
Just in case you were unaware, my COWBOYS had beat the previously undefeated Saints the night before.
I really didn't know that else to do with pictures of the Broncos stadium without it looking like we might be Broncos fans (NEVER), so I went all out with the black and white Raiders theme. Not bad, huh? Love ya babe!

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