Monday, October 26, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Last Saturday was Homecoming for Bug & Lil' Coconut. The day started off chilly, but warmed up so much that we all got sunburned. It was a good game though. It started off rocky, with the other team scoring the first points, but we came back to beat them 42-19! As for the ceremonies, the cheerleaders escorted the football players by twos, and circled back around to escort more because there are only 10 cheerleaders, but 30 football players. They exchanged gifts with each other. Aren't they so cute? Bug & Lil' C had to walk together, and Bug asked one of the moms, "Do I have to touch her? She's my sister." :) Do you see the kid in the #1 jersey? When he makes the NFL in 10 years, I'll be back to shout out his name and say "See! My son played with him & my daughter escorted him at homecoming! See, see, SEE!" Seriously, though...he's that good. It's crazy. Of course, my son is also doing well. I think he deserves "Most Improved Player" because he's getting so much better. And my Lil' Coconut? She was "Cheer Diva" of the week! She got to wear the sash and be all cute. Anyway, the girls did their competition routine on the field at half time, and it was overall a very good day.

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