Friday, October 16, 2009

$75 Grocery Challenge Update

We are 3 weeks into our grocery challenge. It's been thought provoking, enlightening & challenging so far. I haven't made a menu plan for last week or this one, so that hasn't helped. I'm thinking I probably should though, because we have one week to go and are down to only $50.73. This will be especially difficult considering we will be spending the majority of Saturday and Sunday at Homecoming & Cheer Competition. I'm going to have to get creative. We have already decided that we will try this again next month. We are also going to work on not eating out so much (we've spent almost as much on eating out as on groceries & household goods :0 ). I've also got to work on my menu planning and STICKING TO IT!!

Monthly Budget: $475.00
Total Spent: $424.27
Total Remaining: $50.73


  1. You're doing great, budgeting is tuff especially in the beginning. 2 years ago my weekly budget was $125 for 3, now we have 4 (our daughter is 16 months) and are able to keep it within $50 per week. I know sounds impossible, but the longer you stick with it and stock up on the sales the better you get. We have so much food now days I'm constantly giving it away :). I'm telling you all this to encourage you to stick to because in the long run you will win!

  2. I appreciate that! You're very inspiring in what you do, and you do a great job of sharing it with others. I haven't quite caught on to the stockpiling idea yet, although I'm not sure why not because I seem to stockpile everything but food! LOL Thanks for your encouragement and all you do!



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