Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Prepared", As Defined By My 5 Year Old

Normally, each day I write out my kids individual assignments for school on some cute but cheap little blue note paper & distribute them. I'm sure there are plenty of other good ways to do this, but it's workin' for us right now. At any rate, I still haven't planned out E's preschool. So I was feeling quite a bit of mom guilt once again as this conversation ensued:

E: Mama, do you have my school work prepared?

Me: Prepared? (tee hee)

E: Yeah, prepared.

Me: No, baby I don’t, but I love that you used such a big boy word like “prepared”.

E: (tapping my arm) No, no, no, mom. It means did you get ready for me!

Me: Yes, I know what it means. No, I do not have it prepared for you. (Grabbing him in a bear hug, kissing his cheek, and still giggling) You are just too cute!

Despite the mom guilt, there was a certain sense of pride that my baby knew what prepared meant & could use it correctly in a sentence! LOL

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