Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flower Shirt for Mama!

It's not often that I make something for myself. It's even more rare that I take pictures of myself (or even allow myself to be in them!), but here ya go!
I made this shirt months ago and it was the first shirt I ever made. That collar was somethin' else to make. I'm really not very good at gathering. I would much rather pleat. This is from the McCall's M5640 pattern. Looks cute enough on the cover model, but it turned out like a big tent! I wore it that way for quite awhile until I realized that the back really did look like a big flowery circus tent. Then I saw on someone's blog how they fitted a shirt on themselves, so I tried it out.
Turn the shirt inside out, put it on & go stand in front of the mirror. Carefully pin the shirt until it fits the way you want it to. Then very, VERY carefully take it back off, sew and/or cut as needed. I tapered 3 inches in the middle on each side so that it went from looking like this /   \  to looking more like this )  (    This has now caused some funny little extra folds on the sides at the bottom, but is now much more flattering.
I bought a bunch of patterns for myself when they were .99 cents a piece, but haven't made anything else yet. (I did re-fashion a t-shirt for myself, which I may show later.)

I have a bunch of this fabric leftover so I am thinking about making the girls some matching peasant dresses. What do you think? Do you know of a really cute pattern that would work for this material?

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