Saturday, August 7, 2010

Break time's over!

I'm back! I've really missed blogging, but it took me a while to just figure it all out. I needed to decide what was really important to me (and why), and let everything else go. I'm still working on that! As it turns out, blogging is important to me, but I was doing it for other people. Now, I'm going to do it for me. Sounds a little selfish, huh? Hmm...well, I'm hoping that blogging about what I like just might be interesting to you, too. That is, if anyone is still out there. Are you out there???

*crickets chirping*

For those of you still here, there have been so many things going on here at the Beaz Hive that I will tell you all about. We have been very busy beaz these past few months! We've celebrated holidays, a milestone birthday, played and watched baseball, and we've spent oodles of hours at the library. These updates are going to come quite randomly rather than chronologically just because some things are ready to post & some aren't.

Now for the change. This blog will no longer (solely) be about my sweet, adorable and incredibly smart children. It will now be (mostly) about my love of crafting. I love to craft. All kinds of crafting. And I've discovered a whole community of crafty blogs that I can't wait to share with you. I'll be sharing whatever happens to be interesting, and for those of you who are here just to see the baby beaz...I find them interesting too! ;)

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