Friday, September 4, 2009

Under Construction! An Update!

Okay, so I got a little frustrated with changing the fonts, but it's working now. (I hope!) Also, you may notice a change in the labels. I wanted to add the label list to the sidebar, but when I did, the sheer number of them overwhelmed me. So I've condensed them to some more generic terms. I'm also planning on making cute little picture labels to replace the text labels, and making proper lists of all my favorite blogs & websites...when I get the chance. Let me know what you think of the new design, and if there's anything you want to see.
I also have not forgotten about the actual blogging. I do have some new pictures that I would love to share. However, ever since I cleaned off my desk to move it, I can't find the little doohickey that lets me upload easily. Whenever I find it, or the usb cable for the camera, I will get right on that.

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