Monday, July 13, 2009

Meet my family

Here is my second attempt at this post. I was working on it Friday night when I had to run out to drop off stuff for a baby shower. I saved it, but when I got back it was nearly midnight, so I just went to bed. Saturday morning, there was an error message and when I tried to retrieve it, it was just gone. I needed a breather, so you get it today. Enjoy.
This is my mom. More commonly referred to as "Nana". As you can see, she was successful in her attempt to hold Boo Boo Bear without him screaming. He earned the nickname "Rain Cloud" from my uncle because he was determined to scream, cry, and otherwise throw a fit anytime anyone tried to pick him up or even look at him. This is Auntie C. More commonly referred to as Auntie C. Ha, ha, ha. She had a successful moment with Boo Boo as well.
This is my Uncle M and Aunt L. We will call them Mountain Man and Coffee Queen. Nane, Auntie C. and Mountain Man are siblings...just in case you hadn't figured that out yet. Mountain Man is an extreme outdoor sports enthusiast. Right before coming to NC, he went kayaking on a river officially closed because of its dangerous flood level...hello? Coffee Queen drinks coffee like it water. Aren't they cute all dressed up???
This is their daughter (my cousin) K and her husband B. K is a real estate agent so DH(darling husband) recommended "House Hunter" for her nickname. I concur. I couldn't think of anything better anyway. Her husband, I nicknamed "Chef" while we were there. He does a lot of cooking. It was the first time we had met, and we liked him a lot.
These are their children: C (age 9) She reads a lot, and has a lot to say. Therefore, we will call her "Chatterbox". She's sort of the female version of Bug...which is kind of humorous. Although she has no experience with babies and toddlers, she was determined to be with Boo Boo every chance she got, despite his afore mentioned demeanor. Chatterbox had some successful moments as well. Come to think of it, everyone had successful moments with Boo Boo Bear. Why is everyone complaining then?
K(age 8) I've decided to call her "Superhelper". Especially after I got the e-mail from her that had Lil' C's ridiculously ridiculous username and password for Webkinz, that none of us could remember. But she did. When we first got there, their whole family came outside to greet us, except her. I don't know where she was, but a short time later I was standing there talking to House Hunter and there was suddenly this extra child standing next to me. There she was. Cute as a bug. We spent the week trying to figure out how to keep her virtual pet alive and happy.
J (age 7) J is the strong, silent type. Thus earning her the name "Silent J". She can say many things without uttering a word. It took her a good 3 or 4 days before she even spoke one word to DH. LOL Look at that smile, though! It sort of makes up for the lack of words.
So that's my family on my mother's side. That's it. Small compared to DH's side of the family. Small but cute, don't ya think?

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