Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Parade 2009

Saturday night Bug & Lil' Coconut were in the lighted Christmas parade our town has. Either this is the first year they've had it, or I've just never heard of it. At any rate, both kids were thrilled. Bug got to be on his football team's float. This would, of course, be because they were undefeated 11-0. It was a trailer with hay bales that all the boys sat on, with some Christmas lights, otherwise not too decorated. It was mostly about the boys anyway. Lil' C was on our homeschool group's float. It was divided into 2 parts. The first part (where Coconut was) was mom and dad reading stories to the children by the fireplace. She had to wear her pajamas, which as you can see by the photo, didn't make her terribly happy. She was cute, though. The second half was the nativity scene, complete with a real baby playing the part of baby Jesus. He had on the cutest outfit with a bear face flap in the rear. Tee hee. Probably not what Jesus was wearing! The rest of us found a vacant curb to sit and watch the parade. It was only about 50 degrees outside, so it made for a pleasant time. Except the curb was wet, so we all got a little damp. That's okay, everybody had a great time!

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