Monday, October 26, 2009

Cheerleading Competition 2009

The day after Homecoming was Lil' C's Cheerleading Competition. Luckily, it was in town this year, so we didn't have to be up early & traveling. Interestingly enough, cheer competitions are a lot of hurry up and wait. The girls have to be there early to check in, get your hair fixed, practice, etc. The rest of the family....waiting. There's short breaks between teams, then long breaks between age groups, and then a super long wait for the awards ceremony. The good news is, when the girls are actually performing, it's good fun. All of the team's did a good job. Our girls really looked good, and I think if they received more than participation medals at this age, they would have taken first place. The older girls are especially fun to watch, because they throw in lots of gymnastics & lifts. Lil' C loves cheerleading, they performed really well, and we all had a great day!

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