Monday, October 26, 2009

$75 Grocery Challenge Conclusion

It's over. We made it. Not on budget, but we made it. We've learned a lot, too: Living on a budget won't kill us, we need to make weekly menus & STICK to them, we eat out WAY too much, we need to learn the art of stockpiling (food...I've got everything else covered), and challenging ourselves is kind of fun. This pay period we are challenging ourselves to not eat out at all. I'm hoping this carries over through the next pay period as well, but we're taking it slow for now. My goal is to lower our spending substantially so that we can save more and pay off our sizeable debts. I'm thankful for finding Mary's website, challenge, and spendthrift wisdom.

Here's the results:
Monthly Budget: $475.00
Total Spent: $526.79
Amount Over: $50.79

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