Monday, July 20, 2009

Wright Brothers Museum & Bodie Lighthouse (the revised version)

During our vacation, we took a day trip to the Wright Brothers Museum in Kitty Hawk, which was about 30 or 40 miles from where we were staying. Being a National Park, it was cheap to get in, which is good when you're talking about 13 people. It was very fun and educational. DH and I could have stayed there for hours. There was a building with all the historical information and artifacts, including a full-scale model of the first planes. I didn't even get to see these, but someone took a few pics (which I've included), so at least I got to see it that way. Outside, there are the two buildings that are replicas (I believe) of the structures the brothers used to live and work in. There are also stone markers indicating the distances of the first 4 flights. The kids enjoyed running all the way down to the fourth marker, but some of us just stayed put. Camera zoom lenses work pretty well. On top of this rather large hill, is a stone structure that I believe to be the final resting place of Orville and Wilbur.

Anyway, after the museum we went to a buffet for lunch. Auntie C. spent much time trying to get Boo Boo Bear to smile at her for a picture. It turned into a sport that week, and there are so many photos, that I will be doing a slideshow just of Boo. Silent J and Lil' C were thrilled with the many chocolate dessert offerings, and piled them all together for one over-the-top chocolate delight.

Then we went to Bodie Lighthouse. I really want to pronounce this "bow-dee", but I'm pretty sure it's "bah-dee", because I think it used to be spelled Body Lighthouse. It's very beautiful, and I took many lovely pictures of my family and the lighthouse. Those were all lost. We also stopped here on our way home, but there was something on my camera lens (sand, I think) that resulted in fuzzy pictures. This produced a beautiful shot of the lighthouse (refer to last pic in slideshow), but not-so-good photos of the children. Didn't matter anyway...Lil' C was glaring, Pinks was pouting, and Boo Boo was trying to throw himself off Bug's lap while screaming like a banshee. Good times, good times. At least the pictures that everyone else took turned out. (They were at the lighthouse before us because we stopped at a store first and that's why there's no pics of us all together.)

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