Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

No, I'm not talking about that fictional young adult book series. This is real life, and pretty good indicators that you're not having such a great week. Refer to Exhibit A:
And Exhibit B:These are the result of an unfortunate early morning encounter with a deer. DH and his friend had just left our house when I recieved the phone call that I needed to come get them because they had hit a deer. It being not yet 6 am, I asked him to repeat that. Yup, that was what happened. I'm sparing you the picture of the deer, although DH took one(because he's a guy...and according to him it was a 6 point buck). Both guys were fine and refused medical treatment (because they're guys), and later went to work. The car and the deer? Not so fine.
Living in south Texas has its moments. We'll count this as one of the low ones. This was the temperature reading when I got in the car the other day:
Exhibit C:

Of course, it wasn't really 111 degrees. It just FELT that way. It finally settled at this much more comfortable temperature:
Exhibit D:

The next day, it was only 100 degrees. Not big deal. Except for this:
Exhibit E:
This was the temperature INSIDE the house!!!!!!!!!!!! Our air conditioner had quit working sometime in the middle of the night, and by 4:00 we had reached 95 degrees inside the house. Thankfully, the air conditioner repair man is a friend from church, so he managed to squeeze us in late in the afternoon. We had finally resorted to driving around in the car to get some cool relief.
Thankfully, all seems to have returned to normal. Now I'm just wondering who's going to take care of the grapefruit, whipped cream, and entire canister of sugar mess that we woke up to.

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