Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Big Boy...Proud Mama

So this post is a little late, but back on February 20th (okay a lot late) we were at McDonald's after storytime. Every Friday we go to the library for storytime, and sometimes a group of us take the kids to play & eat at McDonald's afterward. Well, on this day, nobody from story time came with us, but Daddy & some of our other friends came and ate lunch with us. They all had to go back to work after eating, so I took Pinky Lee & Boo Boo Bear outside to play by myself. Wouldn't you know that on that day, of all days, Boo Boo Bear decided to crawl over to the play place and up the stairs into the tunnels ALL BY HIMSELF!!! We don't have any stairs at our house, but he just kept working until he made it! He was so proud of himself & so was I! What a big boy! He loved crawling around in the tunnels. I hope he does it again next time.

Then the next day, Daddy was trying to make him walk, and he took 2 steps all by himself!! YEA! Daddy always seems to miss the first steps of walking so he was really excited to see that. Unfortunately, since that day, he has steadfastly refused to stand or walk on his own. You try to stand him up and make him walk, and his little legs just turn to jello. So stubborn. Wonder where he gets that?

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