Sunday, June 15, 2014

Meet Jenny!

Hey everybody! I'm Jenny & I started this blog several years ago as a place to share pictures and stories of the kids with the grandparents. You may already know all about me, but here's the rundown: I'm a Christian, a wife, & a homeschooling mom of 4. The hubs & I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary!

My kids are J (14), G (12), K (8), and E (6). Each child was born in a different state due to the ARMY and my husband's job. They drive me insane on a daily basis, but I love them to death! LOL Right now we are homeschooling, but this always seems to be in flux. Whatever works for us at different seasons is what we do. We should probably stick to one thing, but ADD seems to run in the family. :)

This is our cute & crazy family at our favorite place on earth! Since we currently reside in Florida, we have season passes to Walt Disney World and visit as often as we can. Doing things together is our favorite family hobby.
I never seem to stick to just one hobby, so I'm usually all over the place. However, I do enjoy cooking & baking, sewing, crafts, reading and playing on the computer. I do not enjoy housework of any type. LOL
Jenny   aka

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