Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Birthday G!

My little G turned 12 on Sunday!
That's the Lil' Coconut on the right when she was just a few weeks old!
Why must they do that?

It seems like just yesterday she was that adorable baby who screamed 23 hours a day.
No, really. She did.

The new big sister!

Life with G has never been dull.
She is disturbingly gifted in many areas of life.
Both the good and the bad.

Yes, I do.

She likes burning things. Marshmallows included.
A hugger.

Fan of good music. (Blues Brothers, for those of you who are NOT fans of good music)
Emotional. Crafty. Usually the ring leader.

The life of every party.
So here's to the girl who keeps my life interesting. May your creativity and your energy bring you many blessings, baby girl!

P.S. You really must try these Hot Cocoa Cupcakes with Peppermint Frosting 
from The Cake Blog! They are divine!


  1. Our kids do grow up so fast!! Looks like you're enjoying every moment with your darling daughter.
    Mary Alice

    1. Thank you for stopping by Mary Alice! I try to enjoy each moment as I know how fast the time does go. :)

  2. i *sigh* along with you on fast growing kids ... they tell you it happens, but it's hard to believe when they're little! Happy 12th to your cutie!

  3. Thank you! I somehow missed this comment, but I'm really glad you stopped by. When you're in the midst of the daily chaos it seems like they will never get older, but then one day they are! My 13yo son is as tall as me & is getting a shadow on his upper lip that he insists isn't dirt! LOL I will pass your birthday wishes onto my G! :)



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