Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's True Confession: Feeling Inadequate

I heart looking at other blogs, but sometimes I'm left feeling somewhat inadequate. Okay, a LOT inadequate. For instance, one blog writer did a recap of everything she accomplished last year. It involved a television appearance, a magazine spread, and being able to quit her full-time day job because of the success of her blog. Umm, okay. How am I supposed to compete with that?
I love my little blog. I really do. But I start reading other people's blogs and thinking, "Ooh, I want to do that" or "I can blog about 401k's and hedge funds even though I've never dealt with either!" You get the point. I'm all over the map because I don't have a clear goal for MY blog. In the beginning, the goal was very clear: A place to put all of the kids pictures and updates so the grandparents & other relatives will stop bugging me to mail them photos even though I take digital pictures & rarely print them. Then I realized that none of the relatives actually reads my blog, and I discovered that I enjoyed writing about other things than just the kids. (Sorry kiddos). However, like everything else in my life, I tend to be a scattered, unfocused, and unable to complete tasks I begin. So it's really a miracle that this blog still exists. 
Lately, the posts have been (obviously) random & sporadic. I feel like I'm just throwing stuff on here for the sake of posting. I need to find a focus and a purpose for my blog.
Has anybody else ever struggled with this? How do you overcome it? How did YOU decide what to blog about? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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