Monday, November 29, 2010

We're Moving!

Did you see that? We're moving(again)! This time we're headed back to New York. No, not the city. Which is good, cuz we're not really big city folk. We are planning on making many trips there, though. And no, not Fort Drum. We've been to Fort Drum. Except for the lovely friends, once is enough. And we aren't in the ARMY anymore. This time we're headed to the southwest part of the state.
Oh, and we're leaving in a week and a half. 11 days. It's all been a bit rushed. We only found out for sure about 2 weeks ago. Did you know that moving yourself really sucks? We're used to the ARMY movers coming in and packing everything in 2 days & all we have to do is clean. This is way more time consuming when it's just 1-2 people (plus 4 little non-helpers who like to take stuff back out of boxes when you're not looking). It does have advantages though. I'm not going to pack pictures with silverware or a trashcan full of trash. Plus, you get to see everything you own & realize you have way to much junk and can get rid of tons of stuff. I have way too much junk. The people at Goodwill know us by sight now. When we only bring a few bags they've actually asked "Is that all today?". Yup. For today. LOL
I've been trying to load pictures onto photobucket for my slideshows, but they aren't all loading for some reason. That's why I haven't posted anything lately. I'm trying to pare down to just a few instead of a slideshow, but that's really hard for me. I like displaying ALL of my good pictures. But I will try. Once we leave I don't know how long it will be before we have internet access again, so I want to get as much posted as I can before we go. Here's hoping!

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