Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Hometown

The hubs and I spent a good deal of our childhood growing up in the quaint little town of Anaconda, Montana. Although you've probably never heard of it, it is home to the world's largest smoke stack. It was once used in the copper smelting business. Fun fact: It is so large that the Washington Monument would fit inside. Here is some more interesting info on Wikipedia. You can't see it in this picture, but there remains large amounts of black slag (leftovers from the smelting process that resembles sand) forming the small hills below the stack. Jack Nicklaus used it for the sand traps in the "Old Works" golf course he designed there. Here is the football stadium for the high school. Trust me, this is a huge, awesome football field for our little town. I froze my patuschka many times on those bleachers while in the band.
This is the high school. The founder of our town, Marcus Daly, wanted to name it Copperopolis. Sadly, this name was already taken. (?) So he named it Anaconda. Later on, someone in their infinite (and humorous) wisdom decided to name our mascot the Copperheads. Go ahead. Think about it for a minute. The Anaconda Copperheads.
On a side note, this is where DH and I met. 9th grade algebra class. He annoyed me every single day, and every single day I told him how much I disliked him in a variety of ways. Good thing he never stopped trying!
I was planning on taking all kinds of pictures that day, we didn't get many opportunities during daylight, and just because I know you're dying to find out more about our hometown, here is some more info.
What's cool about your hometown?

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