Friday, January 22, 2010

The Beasley Family

Not pictured: The Wanderer & Daddy G
Here is my husband's side of the family as we all gathered together for Christmas. The original plan was for EVERYONE to be there, but life and the ARMY changed those plans, so we were two people short. Still there was 20+ people smooshed into a little house for nearly two weeks. We had so much fun together, though. We did lots of things which I will be showing you! Here is a "family tree" that I made. It's a little hard to see, so I will talk you through it. Papa & Granny are at the top, naturally. To the left you will find Child #1 Kingbeaz (the most handsome one!) and his lovely wife Queenbeaz. Under them are their children (who I am sure you are already familiar with) Bug, Lil' Coconut, Pinky Lee & Boo Boo Bear. Next to Lil' Coconut on the tree is Daddy G who is married to Child #2 Mommy G. Underneath are their children Pumpkinbutt and Sweet Pea. Now would be an excellent time to break for a Public Service Announcement: "To all my beautiful and lovely neices and nephews, I did NOT choose your nicknames for you. If now or anytime in the future you take offense to your given nickname, please address all your complaints to your parents. Thank you." And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.
Next to Mommy G you will find Child #3 Redneck Vet and under him, his son Mater ("as in Tuh-Mater, but without the tuh"). Next to them is Child #4 the Wanderer. Above him are Child #5 Drummer Boy & Child #6 G.I. Joe who are in fact twins. G.I. Joe is married to Barbie (because in those commercials Barbie is always dumping Ken and going for the man in uniform. Go Barbie!). Underneath you will find their children, Goldilocks and Chunky.
So that's it. So far, as Granny would say, because no one has officially said they aren't having any more children. Mommy G would probably disagree. ;)
Here is just another layout I did with the families all grouped together.

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