Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"I'm your huckleberry..."

Can anyone guess where our final stop of our California trip was? (Yes, I realize its May and we took the trip in January. I'm done now!) TOMBSTONE, of course! When I saw the sign, I just knew we had to go. How can you pass up history like that? You can't, obviously. Well, at least we can't.
We took a tour through the museum of old western stuff set up in the O.K. Corral then watched a re-enactment of the gunfight. It was very interesting. The guy who played Doc Holliday was fabulously funny. They showed a perspective different from any of the movies I've seen, because nobody really knows all of the events from an objective perspective, so everything has its own unique spin.
The kids spent quite a long time trying to rope the calves (or hugging them, in Pinky Lee's case), and Bug finally managed to rope one!! Then we walked up and down the main street, and picked up our copies of The Tombstone Epitaph, Tombstone's own newspaper.
It was fun, but I have to be honest that I was a bit disappointed. The whole thing was too commercialized which took away from the mystery(and history) of it all. On the way back to the highway, we passed this monastery that was so beautiful that I had to stop and take pictures. I've never even seen a monastery before, so I was very intrigued. We could have taken a tour, but you were required to be very quiet, so that was that. LOL Okay, this is the last of the pix from the California trip. Hope you all enjoyed them. I'm done now. THE END

P.S. Thank you to those of you who nudged. Right after I typed that, I got sick (ear infection, NOT swine flu, thank you). Today is the first day I've even been on the computer since then. I'm very behind in everything now, so please be patient with me. Thank you!

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  1. okay chica--time to nudge you again!! Where are some end of school year/summer pictures of your kids??? :)



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